Monthly Archives: July 2017

Risky Business

You’re too young, you’re too old, it’s too high, you won’t like it, that’s dangerous, don’t get dirty, there are germs!!!!  Have you heard these all too common sayings that I admit to have said on occasions when my ‘risk radar’ was too high. Do you remember when you were young and you would climb […]

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Sewing: A Life Skill Often Untouched

I have many fond memories from when I was younger of having a needle and thread in my hand and sewing all things crafty. This later translated to the sewing machine where I discovered you can finish a project a whole lot faster. Sometimes this also has its disadvantages, but as a teenager my life […]

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Am I Organised?

Walk into my house and you will see clusters of organised areas and disorganised areas. As a Mum, I feel it takes a tremendous amount of time to maintain the “I am an organised Mum and this comes naturally to me.” In reality, I certainly don’t. I have moments when I look and say to […]

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