Am I Organised?

Am I Organised?

Walk into my house and you will see clusters of organised areas and disorganised areas. As a Mum, I feel it takes a tremendous amount of time to maintain the “I am an organised Mum and this comes naturally to me.” In reality, I certainly don’t. I have moments when I look and say to myself “Wow, this mess really crept up on me and now it is taking over and I don’t know where to start.” But in all honesty, I did know it was happening and just avoided it. You know that feeling of overwhelm and procrastination that we all feel. Sometimes, it is easier to do what is less significant and delay to another time.

It is quite unbelievable how ‘clutter clutterfies’ so quickly that it is easy to label yourself as a messy person. I am talking about clutter of all sorts –  physical, digital, and emotional clutter. All of it!  From my personal experience, I have claimed this label but am always trying to prove that it will not catch me …….but secretly I think the Clutter Police will always be trying to catch my tail. Last year was an example of that for me where it was one curveball after another and I really did start believing that this label is written in bold on my forehead “YES, I AM THE MESSY ONE!”

The best piece of advice I can give is DON’T give yourself a negative label like I did. Being more organised is possible and can be achieved whether you sprint, jog or walk to the finish line. Remember, life is a journey of discovery. Each day brings a new challenge and my challenge is to feel more organised and I do this by keeping myself accountable by teaching and supporting others. But yeah, sometimes life just gets busy and I need to remind myself, I am human!

One of the visions for Functional Skills Focus is to support others who have goals to improve their organisation and habits, as well as helping them identify and find organising solutions that work for them that are realistic and maintainable.

On a final note, Rome was not built in a day neither does clutter or disorganisation. Take it slow so it becomes a habit and focus on one area at a time. Whether this is your schedule, kitchen, office area or a specific routine. Functional Skills Focus can help you get back on track and live a more functional life!

Take care 😊



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