Group Programs

These aim to support the community participation of each individual as well as being underpinned by important life skills that enable them to access and engage in a welcoming and supportive environment with others in the community. 

Teaching functional skills for life is the foundation for the group programs with opportunities created to build skills in being independent, organised, social, communicating with intent, and progressing in general skill development.

Functional Skills Focus thrive on creating programs that are motivating, rewarding and enjoyable.

Group Programs Available:

Currently, there are no group programs running as the overheads and  costs to run these are not financially viable for Functional Skills Focus at  the moment. However, please check the flyer section for any holiday  workshops that are run less infrequently.

Flutterby Sewists

       Basic Sewing License 

       Intermediate Sewing License (For Basic Sewing License Graduates)

This is an inclusive sewing group that is programmed and delivered to support young people aged 10-18 on the Autism Spectrum. It can also cater to individuals who have similar needs and interests. The small group program will be held weekly during the school term and will focus on nurturing a positive identity whilst learning sewing skills in a supportive environment. It will also encourage:


Attending Skills

Individual Goal Monitoring

Independent Skill Development

Fine Motor Skills

Decision Making

Organisation Skills

Program Focus:
The program will teach the basics of sewing with a combination of skills focused and project sessions. These will be taught by an experienced special educator and functional skills specialist who has studied sewing and pattern making techniques. All materials, use of machines and tools will be included in the session cost with generous support given from Aspire to Inspire Together to subsidise costs. Sessions may be claimable under the NDIS.